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She might be bewitching you...


In modern days, many people tend to judge others based on their looks. Are we deceived by superficial information? Have we lost sight of true beauty and even our true value as human beings? This film was created with these questions in mind. All of the songs including the main theme song “Beautiful Lure” were written and composed by the executive producer and original story writer, Ryuho Okawa. With each of the seven songs featured in the film helping deliver the core message of the film, this dramatic work of art shows the truth of beauty and love.


As told in the ancient Chinese fantasy story, “Painted Skin” is a human skin painted to look like a beautiful woman. Youma wear this skin to seduce men. During the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang is seized by Yang Guifei who had the ethereal beauty and caused the dynasty’s ruin. It is told that the Yang Guifei was possessed by the nine-tailed fox spirit, the strongest foxy demon among Youmas. Later, according to the Japanese legend of Tamamo-no-Mae, the nine-tailed fox came to Japan.


Maiko Yamamoto works as a secretary to the vice president of a major bank. With both beauty and wit, she is the target of everybody’s attention and admiration, but she has a hidden side. At night, she works as a hostess at a high-class club in Ginza and looks for men who are worthy of her beauty. One night, finally the man who she has been waiting for comes in. Taro Shiomura is the most hopeful candidate to become the next prime minister of Japan. Taro quickly falls in love with Maiko. All goes well as Maiko’s plan, and preparations for their marriage get steadily underway. However, Taro’s life mentor and the spiritual leader Katsuko Tachibana tells him that Maiko is a youma who is possessed by the nine-tailed fox. Maiko can only satisfy herself by destroying the country with her beauty. Yet Taro struggles because he wants to believe that she has a conscience. On the day of the wedding, what does fate fold for them?